Online Casino Comps and Loyalty Deposit Bonuses

Every casino player who is looking to play casino games online looks always looks for free casino credit or bonus to start. Each online casino offer wide variety of casino bonus to attract new players to come and play at there casinos. Free casino bonus is very useful for new players as it reduces the risk of putting more money on stake and player can play games free as trail and then start with real money.

Like Free casino bonus to new players carious online casinos offer loyalty deposit bonuses to be with them for a long time. Just as in brick and mortar casinos, online casinos also award you something extra if you show your loyalty to them. The main forms of virtual comps are deposit bonuses and reload bonuses.

These two things give you extra money when you make a deposit at a particular casino online. They will often match what you’ve put in with some casinos offering up to 200% bonuses. These bonuses are excellent value if you intend on playing at a certain online casino for an extended period and can often turn a losing session into a winning one.

The main stipulation of these betting online bonuses is that they are released in increments, usually of between $5 and $10. This condition imposed by the casino is designed to keep you there at least as long as it takes to clear the bonus.

Bonus whoring is a term used by professional online casino players and describes the practice of visiting a number of differing sites and taking advantage of their bonus offers. This method requires you to play a high volume in a short space of time in order to get the most value out of the bonuses.

Another virtual comp offered by online casinos comes in the form VIP points. Every time you place a bet you earn a certain amount of points and as theses increase so does your VIP status. The higher you climb the more rewards you get and these come in the form of prizes, gifts and free money. These are another great way to supplement your bankroll and will increase your long-term profits when playing at an online casino.

So if you are playing casino games at particular online casino for a long time and are happy with the services then it is wise to be with them to attract free loyalty bonus.